- Biography

Fenster is a four piece band who's essential characteristic is transformation. Their sound is a window framing a spectrum of playful pop.
Fenster has been a part of the Berlin DIY music scene since 2012. They've released four records, made a feature length film and toured all over Europe and North America.

- Discography

2018: The Room (Album, Altin Village & Mine)

2015: Emocean (Album, Morr Music)

2014: The Pink Caves (Album, Morr Music)

2012: Bones (Album, Morr Music)

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- Contact

Management : amande at a-okay-mgmt dot com

Band : fensterbones at gmail dot com

EU/UK Booking : a at puschen dot net + peter at puschen dot net

Publishing : alex.warnke at cargo-records dot de